We are two women that believe passionately in creating a better future for ourselves and the world around us. Both recently separated from corporate careers, we’ve made the decision to focus our efforts on the negative effects of the fashion industry. We believe that everyone should do their part to keep clothing out of landfills as long as possible. By creating an online marketplace that enables anyone with internet access to buy and sell their clothes directly to each other, we hope to bring positive change to our environment. There are already platforms that provide a similar experience, but what makes us unique is in what we offer. Listing on our site Genuwin is free and the seller keeps 100% of the profit. We rank the condition of the clothing for sale because we want even the flawed items to get a second chance.

Retail marketing and advertisements are designed to make us purchase the new and latest trends. We want to stop the vicious cycle of wanting more and more that doesn’t contribute to happiness and reeks havoc on our environment. What does social consciousness look like to you? We envision a world where we continue to express ourselves through clothing but in a socially conscious way.